Search for the Perfect Venue for our Destination Wedding- Part 2

January 9, 2019

A distinctive Guide to Wedding Venues in Dehradun & Mussoorie

So in the last post about the venue search for our destination wedding here I told you how we booked the flight tickets from Mumbai to Dehradun. So the time in between our trip and booking tickets was to be spent finalising which venues we will actually be visiting.

The next thing we did was start contacting the shortlisted venues and ask them, for relevant quotes and packages.

How did we shortlist venues?

Well, the first source was, of course, the wedding blogs like wed me good and weddingsutra. We shortlisted a venue in Dehradun and one in Rishikesh based on the weddings featured on these blogs. Then came in our personal research. Google, make my trip and Tripoto came quite handy in this process. We sat down on a Sunday afternoon and started calling all the hotels and resorts we liked one by one.

How did we get quotes for each venue?

Its very simple and varies from hotel to hotel. Some of them connect you directly to the concerned person, some give you their number while in some cases if you cannot get in touch with anyone, just email on the hotel’s email address.

The venues we selected and you can too in case you are planning a wedding in any of these cities-


There were mainly 2 venues that we were interested in-

We chose Rishikesh only because of the allure of the Ganges and the divine vibes of the place. So it was only fair to select a venue on banks of the River.If you are planning an intimate wedding with around 100 to 200 guests you can contact these venues.

We just sent them an email and they got back to us by sending us the detailed packages in form of either Ppt or an email. Their contact is as follows:

Ganga Kinare- A riverside boutique hotel (


Divine Resorts & Spa (



Here we wanted to visit just 2 options-

The Rio Resort- I read about this venue on wed me good in a wedding they featured. The prime reason for liking this venue was that it was surrounded by hills and scenic beauty while being in the city.

Nauka hills Resort


We sent an email to them too and they reverted back promptly. It is a smaller property but if you are on a tight budget this is a really good property. Also, the owners seemed kind people.

If you are having a Sangeet or Engagement and you want a closed venue, four points Sheraton, Dehradun is a good option.


There are quite a few beautiful properties in the Queen of hills, Mussourie. But we contacted just two out of them as they matched our idea,vision and budget. They were:

Golden Orchid Fort Resort,Mussoorie


We just loved this venue. Though it was a bit out of our budget as it is a four-star property. Also, it is a pretty big venue and our guest list was smaller. If you are having a wedding with 300-400 guests, this property is an awesome pick. It has multiple options for different functions within the property itself. We contacted them through email and they sent across a detailed list with their catering, decor and venue cost and wedding packages. They seemed quite professional and promising. Though it did not match with our requirements in certain areas still we wanted to visit the property.

If your budget is higher then you can go for Jaypee Manor Mussoorie or Welcome hotel Savoy, Mussoorie.

 Both of these are 5 star hotels and are priced accordingly.

Kasmanda Palace, A Welcome Heritage Hotel- As you already know eventually we finalised this hotel as our wedding venue. But initially, I had come across this venue through and just loved the vintage vibe to it. It just resonated with our idea of an intimate wedding. I remember sending an email to ask for a quotation right away when I saw this one. Though the initial price they quoted seemed a bit above our budget but we both knew we wanted to visit this venue for sure.

Our Trip to Dehradun

So finally the day came to fly to Dehradun from Mumbai. Eventually, we decided on just visiting venues in Dehradun and Mussoorie. We planned this trip on the way to Lucknow when we were going back home for Holi. We had one day to see all the shortlisted venues then catch a flight to Lucknow.

wedding venue destination wedding Dehradun Mussoorie
The beautiful View of the mountains at the Dehradun Airport

As we got down at the Dehradun airport, all the nervousness was gone and was replaced with a feeling of happiness and calmness. The airport was so beautiful surrounded by hills on all sides. We just could not stop admiring the beauty all around.

wedding venue destination wedding Dehradun Mussoorie
At the Dehradun airport

Due to Lack of time, we decided to visit just two venues- The Rio resort and the Kasmanda Palace. Unfortunately, we could not take out the time to visit the Royal Orchid Fort Resort.

Sharing some pictures of the venue captured by us when we visited it πŸ™‚

wedding venue destination wedding Dehradun Mussoorie rio resort
The Rio Resort

It was located at a beautiful place. The property was quite ordinary but the natural aspects of the place made it special. A small water fall and stream at the back of the garden being the highlight of the place. They had only 10 rooms which was lesser than our requirement.

Then we hired a cab and went to Mussoorie. The Palace hotel was located right at the heart of Mussoorie on the Mall road. It was a short but steep climb above the slope. We were so excited to be there that we both went up running like kids!! The moment we entered the premises, their staff took us for a room and hotel tour. We both knew from inside that this is it but had not yet said it to each other !! It was just the perfect size, not too big and not too small. 29 rooms, a big beautiful garden and a beautiful terrace overlooking the mountains.

wedding venue destination wedding Dehradun Mussoorie,kasmanda palace
Kasmanda Palace through our lens

So after seeing the Venue for real, we both just looked at each other and we knew that this is where we will marry each other!! We were so happy that we had finalised our wedding venue after all. All we had to do was to book it as soon as possible.

This is all for today!! On a concluding note just want to say that I feel so good to have started this blog. I love sharing all the wedding planning details with you all. It is because of this blog that I am able to re-live those beautiful memories all over again!! Thankyou guys for reading πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

wedding venue destination wedding Dehradun Mussoorie

Until next time… !!! πŸ™‚

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  1. Hi Ankita! πŸ™‚ Lovely space you have got here πŸ™‚

    Just wanted to talk about few things after I went through your post because I am getting married in sometime and going through a similar phase as mentioned in your throwback posts. πŸ™‚

    1) We have recently booked Royal Orchid for our wedding. I was curious how you got to know that this property can accommodate 300 – 400 guests. If you got to know it through some source, kindly let me know so that we can also inquire about that possibility. πŸ™‚ If you wrote it by estimation, then I would suggest correcting it because this property cannot accommodate more than 150-200 guests (that is also after stretching it way too much which is practically a bit of a hassle). Also, you made a lovely point that they have different venues within the resort, but those venues also will not be able to take more than 200 (again after toooooooooo much stretching). Just thought I would mention all this in case it can help anyone reading this.

    2. If you do not mind me asking, I was curious about the price for which you booked the property and also how many guests you had. If you are okay with it, you can email me about the same. Just out of curiosity. πŸ™‚

    3. I am a bit surprised that Kasamanda didn’t appear in any of the researches I conducted for the venue. I am wondering why. Let me know if you can think of a specific reason for that. πŸ™‚ I mostly took help from the internet and one person who is in the hospitality industry in Mussoorie itself. The only places that came in my research and might have been cheaper than Royal Orchid were: a) Golden Palm, b)Dunsvirk, c)Tulip Inn. I am only considering the ones that have lawns and possibility of outdoor arrangements.

    Hope you don’t get bored by long comment! Looking forward to more posts. Take care & all the best πŸ™‚

    1. Hello πŸ™‚ First of all, Congratulations!! Thank you for appreciating my blog πŸ™‚
      That’s great to hear that you have booked Royal Orchid for your wedding. As for your question, I have not mentioned anywhere that Royal Orchid can accommodate 300+ people. Accommodation for guests in rooms and hosting a wedding in a hall or garden are two different things!! There is a possibility of having local guests who may not stay at the venue, Considering that the Number 300 plus guests has been mentioned.
      We had an intimate and close-knit wedding and Kasmanda was the perfect size for it. It was in no way cheaper but there was a difference in the number of rooms and occupancy that’s why there is a difference in price. If you want to know the price for booking Kasmanda, you may enquire it from the property itself as they did not have any specific wedding packages, instead, they charged according to Rooms and occupancy.
      As for it not appearing in searches, we did not go to any hospitality person instead searched for it together by contacting and visiting places ourselves πŸ™‚
      In addition to that, what I write here is my perspective and my views. The things that came along during my wedding and I am writing about them to simplify the search process for brides and families. Different people may have different opinions and views πŸ™‚
      Hope that helped!! Good luck with the wedding planning!! πŸ™‚

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