Search for the Wedding Lehenga: Part 1

December 13, 2018
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Well, it’s been quite a long time since I posted anything wedding related. So the last post was about searching the perfect venue: part 1. Before we go on to part 2, I am writing this first part of how we began the search for the wedding outfits and wedding lehenga. It is because before leaving for Dehradun we made our first visit to the best wedding market in Mumbai in search of the wedding lehenga. Let me warn you that it is a long post ahead !! :p

Ever since I started dreaming about what my wedding lehenga would look like( Thanks to reading blogs like Peaches and Blush by Mehek and The Delhi Bride by Shinjini), I had always read about how Delhi is the perfect destination for getting your dream wedding lehenga. Chandni Chowk, Shahpur Jat, and Karol Bagh were the only places I thought getting my lehenga was possible. But you may never know where life takes you and it brought me to Mumbai out of all places. I had to move here for work and also because the boy got posted here. Both of us in a city where we never planned on being ever. So we had to do all the wedding outfit shopping either from Mumbai or Lucknow.

My idea of the perfect wedding lehenga-

It had to be Pale Pink or Blush pink.

It had to be lightweight but look bridal enough.

It had to have a big Flare.

Should be within a budget of 50k.

I had been majorly crushing on Astha Narang’s designs at that time. I thought if I could not get my dream lehenga in the market, I will just get and get this blush pink lehenga right here from Astha Narang’s store in Delhi or Pernia’s pop up. This lehenga retailed for 45k at that time. Sadly it is out of stock now!!

Blush pink wedding lehenga

When I realized that I have to start with Mumbai that’s when I came across this fabulous blog post by Frugal2fab – Mumbai Lehenga Shopping Guide.

Well, by now you must have gathered that I read a lot of blogs particularly wedding blogs!!  Every blogger reads a lot that is how they discover their passion for writing in the first place:).Anyways not navigating from the topic, I read this article very carefully and narrowed down around 2 areas specifically Santa Cruz market and the Marine lines area to start with my Lehenga search. As Mumbai is such a large city and everything is so far away here, with both of us working we only had weekends to go hunt for our outfits. The budget I had in mind made me go for the Santa Cruz market first. I narrowed down a few shops listed in the article and we headed for Santa Cruz one fine Sunday in February.

List of stores I planned on visiting for my wedding lehenga-



Kora(For the Boy)

Kalki Fashions



As we walked from the station road to the main market road, I could see the Roopkala store right in front of me. But all the displays had bright pinks and in your face reds with heavy embroidery. Instead, I was attracted to the adjoining store called Enoya. It had a Pretty blush pink Chikakari Lehenga in the display with a sunshine yellow dupatta. So I dragged the boy along to go inside that one first.

When I entered the store, it was crowded like hell. They had a sale going on!! What? Sale? and a Bride to be… Well, my mind just went bonkers seeing all the glitzy gowns, lehengas and sarees. As it was the first time I went to a store to look for my Bridal lehenga, I was really excited!! I wanted to try everything as there was no rush and I had ample time until the wedding. So I asked the salesman to show me a pastel-colored lehenga and he brought in this beautiful aqua colored lehenga with a pale pink dupatta. The lehenga was heavily embroidered and could easily be used as a bridal lehenga.

Mint Aqua blue wedding lehenga

I also tried on the blush pink lehenga I saw in the display

blush pink wedding lehenga

Both of these lehengas were within the range of 35k to be exact!! The pictures are not doing justice to them but they both were quite pretty in real. I really liked one more lehenga there- It was a red and yellow brocade lehenga heavy enough to be worn at your own mehndi function. It cost just 6k after discount!!

While these lehengas were very pretty I did not want to be in a rush as this was my wedding lehenga. So the boy and I went to the next stop- Roopkala store 🙂

This was like crazily crowded and I could see that it was the most popular store when it came to bridal wear!! There was a queue to go into the lehenga section literally. So while waiting for our chance, we decided to check out the gowns section in case we find something reception appropriate.

Here I did try on a gown which looked very similar to one Ash wore here

reception gowns in mumbai

Yup!! not my type but I still tried it on to kill time. We were not allowed to click pictures there but the boy really liked it said I looked like a princess ;P but I told him it is our reception and not my birthday party so we cannot get it :P. It was priced around Rs.10k after discount.

Finally, our chance came so we went to the bridal section. So many girls were trying out the lehengas and most of them came in with their mom or a friend. We both were giggling like teenagers at the thought that we will not be taken seriously here by the salesmen. We had to wait an extra half an hour for a salesperson to be free for us!!

Finally, when we got the chance, I told the salesperson what I wanted. I think these people are just accustomed to showing red lehengas so I told him I want a lehenga for a pre-wedding function. It took a lot of time and about 5 totally weird lehengas for me to understand that they were not getting what I actually wanted. I even went inside the section with the super heavy lehengas but all of them were in the range of 70k plus and none in the color I wanted. Then a kind salesperson who was observing from a distance came in and told her very politely that we must come during the daytime someday when the shop is almost empty. On a Sunday and that too in the evening, it will be impossible for us to rummage through the store for the lehenga I wanted.

So we decided to head out and come back later sometime on a less busy time and day.

Lesson learned: Do not visit a popular bridal store on a Sunday or weekend in the evening!!

It was already quite late by this time and it was our first visit so we were not quite familiar with the market. We just kept on walking and reached Kora a shop for Groom wear. We went inside and it was so cute to see this shop was dedicated just to boys for a change. Seriously, the grooms have highly ignored species in the Indian Wedding market. I mean every second groom is dressed in a cream, gold, and red sherwani!! Anyways this will be covered in another groom wear post.

Anyways I was so excited to see all the groom wear inside. We found a very good floral waistcoat here that the boy really liked for mehendi. We stopped here for some time looking at some groom wear and then headed back.

This was the first of the many visits that were in store for us in the months ahead. My take ways from my first visit to a bridal wear market in Mumbai-

1)Almost all shop owners are Gujarati .

2)Gujarati women shop for a lot of lehengas.

4)Go as early as possible as crowd increases as evening approaches.

3)You will feel so overwhelmed with all the bridal wear in your first visit but keep calm.

4) I realized should really thank God that my shopping partner was a boy as he really stopped me from taking impulsive decisions on so many occasions on the first day itself 🙂

Sorry for such a long post but it is just because it was the first post in the outfit series !! Until next time 🙂

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