Search for the wedding lehenga

Search for the wedding lehenga: Part 2

February 6, 2019

So in the previous post, I had described what my first-time experience was visiting the Santa Cruz market to look for my wedding Lehenga in Mumbai. In case you missed the post read it here.

Now in reality, we took several trips to the market from the span of February to May,2018. But I will be putting all of it in a single post because if I describe every visit in detail, it will get too long. I want to start posting all about the events from the next post :). So here in this article, I will be listing down all the shops we visited and how I narrowed down the store from where I got my lehenga made finally.

These are the stores we visited and what we found there:


This is a big store and has many other stores all across Mumbai. The ground floor had sarees. The first floor has lightweight anakali & lehengas upto the range of Rs.15000. The topmost floor was the Bridal & groom wear section. The first time we went there, i could see they had many semi stitched bridal lehengas in the range of 25k to 60k. I mean these were like pretty good pieces in case you do not already have a color in mind. I however, was stuck on getting a blush pink lehenga only. They told me that they could customise the lehengas according to what I wanted.

wedding lehenga mumbai shopping bawree, Bridal lehengas in Mumbai
Bridal lehenga at bawree

The lehenga above cost around 29k. This is one of the lighter lehengas as I had a day wedding. They had very good variety even in heavy lehengas and the range went up to 1.4L. They told me they could customise this lehenga in the colour of my choice and increase the Kalis too. We weren’t allowed to click any pictures but the boy managed it anyhow!!

off white wedding lehenga bawree mumbai, Where to shop for bridal lehengas in Mumbai
Off white floral embroidered lehenga

Off white floral lehengas were trending courtesy Sabyasachi. So when I saw this off white floral embroidered lehenga with zardozi & dabka work with light pink and mint blue flowers, I was bewitched. When the salesperson put the lehenga on me, I forgot about getting a blush pink lehenga for a minute there. This one cost 35k and they were willing to customise the color , embroidery and everything(of course by adding up on the cost). However, I did not end up buying this one. It was a close contender though.


Now while I was looking for my bridal lehenga, I was also searching for my reception outfit simultaneously. Paaniharti had a section for Gowns, lehengas, etc. below the 40k range and a separate section for bridal wear. The thing is they do not have many ready pieces in bridal wear but they are willing to customise everything from scratch. I did not want to get everything customized from scratch because I just knew what colour I wanted. Though I really liked their non-bridal lehenga collection and gowns. You can easily get a readymade piece here for your sangeet or reception. I really liked this one piece that looked a lot like the Gaurav Gupta Lehenga gowns.

In our multiple visits, at some point I almost ended up buying this piece for my reception.

Gaurav gupta lehenga replica, Mumbai wedding lehenga shopping

But I did not end up wearing this at my reception ;)!!


This store is also in the row of the multiple stores as you start walking from the station towards the main market. Their bridal lehengas were more on the expensive side- starting range was 60k and went up to 2 to 3 lacs.


This is one of the most popular stores in the Santa Cruz area. They had multiple sections divinded into suits, trousseau wear & shararas. Then there was the basement section dedicated to lehengas. They had a sal;;e3 going on and alll the lehengas were ready pieces. The range started as low as 2500 rupees. You can find some light and beautiful pieces here for lighter functions like haldi or mehendi. There were some great mother of thye bride & sister of the bride lehengas here.

The section where I spent my maximum time here was the Gowns section. There was such an extensive range of princessy gowns here for engagement or reception.

wedding lehenga shopping in Mumbai, Reception gowns bridal, Mumbai reception gowns, bridal gowns India
Gowns at Seasons

I tried many gowns here. The middle one in gold off shoulder one almost made it to the reception. The other ice blue gowns were so Elsa like 🙂 but a tad too light for an occasion like reception.

All these bridal gowns started at Rs.15k and were quite affordable. The lighter gowns were below 10k. All in all this seemed like a very reasonable store. A bride who wants a readymade lehenga in red or deep red can visit this store and can find a piece at a very reasonable price.


We saw this store almost two times which heading back to the station from the foot overbridge and always missed it. Somehow, I really wanted to visit this store I do not know why. I had seen almost everything in the market but I just wanted to see a lehenga in the color I wanted- Light pink. So finally one day we visited this store and let me tell you it was so worth it. I mean its not like I saw the lehenga of my dreams here but I saw one thing that I wanted. I saw a lehenga in light pink and off white and an embroidery I really liked.

Wedding lehenga shopping in Mumbai, floral embroidered lehenga, pastel lehenga, embroidery, Indian wedding

The image above was what I saw. The lehenga was too light and I did not really love it. But what I liked was the embroidery and the fact that they had a light pink version of it though not the kind of pink I wanted. When I asked them, they agreed to customise it according to what I wanted. Even after increasing the number of kalis, adding more embroidery, changing the colours of the flowers, customizing the colour and adding double dupattas, the total cost was withing 50k.

Now the process of customization was not exactly easy. It is a story in itself!! lets just say that had I not got in touch with the store owner Mr.Bharat, the subordinates had almost messed up my lehenga!! Anyways, This is how I found my wedding lehenga 🙂 It was not an easy process getting it made according to my choices but the efforts were all worth it!!