February 27, 2019

As Day 1 was Haldi followed by Sangeet, as soon as we got done with the lunch we started getting ready for the Sangeet. Now in my previous post I already mentioned how we had to shift the haldi venue indoors and it got delayed due to the unpredictable rains in the morning.

If you missed reading the haldi post, read it here.

The Mehendi + Sangeet function was supposed to start by 4:30 in the evening so that the mehendi could be in the daylight and then followed by Sangeet performances as it gets darker. But the weather did alter with the timings!! Anyways, what we both are forever grateful for is the fact that it did not rain at all during any of our functions(Just before and after, Lol!!).

Now I did not know that it takes 3 hours for a makeup artists to get brides ready. I was roaming around in my haldi saree till 4 pm!! As I started getting ready, it was like a never ending process!! One lesson I learnt here for the next day was to start getting ready on time.

As I was getting ready, I could hear the music getting started. All I could think was to just get down to enjoy the entire function to the fullest and dance my heart out. Yes, I was that excited bride who wanted to enjoy all her wedding functions and not miss out on anything.While I was getting my hair done, the boy was waiting patiently outside my room so that we could enter the Sangeet together.

The Guests were Dancing and getting their mehendi done during this time.

Sangeet Entry

I had always wanted to enter our mehendi and sangeet function Dancing. So as we descended the steps of our cottage towards the garden, we were joined by dholis and all his friends!! All this was planned by the boy so that we could enter the Sangeet together dancing to dhol beats !! I was a bit nervous as everyone would be looking at us but this did not stop me from enjoying the moment. All our friends followed us dancing and just upping the excitement quotient.

Our Entry to the Sangeet
Dancing our way into the next chapter of our lives πŸ˜€

The Decor

As I entered the venue, I could not take my eyes off the decor which was done exactly the way we planned. We had decided to have the Sangeet n the terrace of the hotel. As we had a close knit guest list, we thought the terrace would be a more intimate venue for the function. Let me just show it how it looked the first time we saw it and on the day of the Sangeet. There were two terraces- A bigger lower terrace and a small upper terrace.

Sangeet decor
Images on the left: Initial look of the terrace
Images on the right: Terrace after Decor all done
Sangeet Decor, Photobooth Mehendi, Indian wedding decor
The Photo booth on the Upper terrace with Umbrellas, Puppets,etc.
The Printed Dance Floor

So the main Decor ideas of the Sangeet that we planned were:

1.Having a Printed Dance floor instead of a simple one. It added a dose of color and looked like a part of the decor itself.

2.Having a Traditional Photobooth on the upper terrace.

3.An emcee to coordinate the function and announce Dance performances.

4.Casual Seating.

As we entered the function and we were seated, the function began with all the Dance performances. We just couldn’t stop cheering and it was all so exciting.

Sangeet performances, Sangeet function, Sangeet DEcor

We had also planned our own dance together in the midst of the performances of family and friends.

We had worked so hard on our performance for months(in between all the wedding planning and our work) and it eventually was so worth it. Our friends were cheering us like anything and that just increased the excitement. Dancing together is one of the best things we did at our wedding πŸ™‚ !! Will be attaching the full video soon.You can watch a glimpse on my instagram here.

Thats my bother and our friends cheering us !! πŸ˜€
Mother of the bride, sangeet dance
Mommy’s Dance
Priceless Moment
Yeah !!

My Surprise Dance for Him

Yes I prepared a surprise dance for him!! He had no idea about it. I had honestly never danced alone in front of so many people but I planned it all for him and this was my gift for him. It took a lot of time to decide on the songs, but I chose the ones that perfectly expressed my feelings…!! Even my family did not have an idea about this !!

Sangeet lehenga, Sangeet outfit, Mehendi lehenga, Blouse designs, Bride
The Moment all were looking at me but I was just looking at him
Him looking at me (I did it only for That Smile!!)
SAngeet lehenga, twirling
Finally time for the groomsmen to rock the dance floor!!
With bro
Fun-times ( It was Desi Girl playing I think)
The only time Daddy was caught dancing
Sangeet portraits
Family Portraits β€οΈ
Sangeet portraits, Girls, OUtfits
One with the Sis-in-Law
Fun pictures with Bro & Bae

So this was all about the short and sweet Sangeet function which was probably the most fun. We had to wrap up the function a bit early owing to the regulations, but it was undoubtedly the best and most fun filled event.

All Hearts ❀️❀️❀️

Hope you enjoyed reading all about the Sangeet event. Next up:Wedding & Pheras πŸ™‚ ❀️

Pictures by: Beginnings for you

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  1. You amazingly planned your wedding in a very sustainable budgets.Higly appreciate your work and efforts you added in the minimalistic things. Great work! excited to see and read more about your wedding and it’s videos. Not sure about other but yeah I definitely make out time to read blogs on your wedding. πŸ™‚
    All the best keep blogging .

    1. Thank you so much Srishti for the appreciation and taking out time to read my blog posts !! it really means a lot πŸ™‚ I try my best to share whatever I think can help other people and that they can relate to πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoy reading and keep coming back to my blog πŸ™‚ Have a nice day!! πŸ™‚

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