nykaa serial kisser lip balm review

Nykaa Serial Kisser Lip Balm Review

February 15, 2019

Nykaa Serial Kisser Lip Balm-Raspberry Review

Nykaa serial kisser lip balm review

So the only thing that comes to my mind when I hear the phrase serial kisser is Emraan Hashmi. LOL, that me :D. Anyways, skipping ahead to the product for review today, its the nykaa serial kisser lip balm.

Now, I am a big time lip balm hoarder. I already have 4 to 5 lip balms sitting in my dresser but I had to get this one. Infact, I have recently uploaded an IGTV video on my instagram on my current favorite lip balms. This lip balm is not included in that video because it is a new launch but you can check it out in case you want to try a new lip balm!! The link to the video is as under:


Now coming to this product, This lip balm comes in a very cute packaging as you can see. Those stripes are just too cute and it comes in 8 fruity flavours.

  1. Strawberry
  2. Green Apple
  3. Pomegranate
  4. Pina-colada
  5. Grape
  6. Raspberry
  7. Peach
  8. Blueberry

Product Description:

Nykaa serial kisser lip balm review

So this is what is mentioned at the back of the cardboard packaging in the product description.as you all can see it contains Jojoba oil, almond oil and vitamin E. all three of these have intensely moisturising properties. Both almond oil and vitamin E are known to have moisturising & lip lightening properties. jojoba oil is known to possess similar quality of moisture as the skin’s natural moisture.

Price & Quantity

Rs. 149 for 4.5 gms

Nykaa serial kisser lip balm review
The lip balm on opening the cap
Nykaa serial kisser lip balm review


The lip balm comes in a twist up packaging as shown in image. The lip balm looks baby pink in color on opening the cap but on swatching, it is completely non-tinted. The texture is buttery and glides on easily on the lips. The nykaa serial kisser lip balm is totally smooth in texture and not waxy at all.

 It stayed for around 3 to 4 hours on my lips and disappeared on eating. This is definitely not one of those intense moisturising lip balms if you have severely dry and chapped lips. But which lip balm is? I mean I have not yet found an intensely moisturising lip balm in case I suffer from damaged lips. For that, I go to my trustworthy home remedies.

If you are just looking for a good lip balm to keep in you handbag and reapply it every few hours then this one is a good pick. It is budget friendly, cute looking and has flavored fruity fragrances. It works just like a regular nivea lip balm and can be used at night as well because it is non-tinted.

Just choose your flavor carefully so you do not end up getting a fragrance you do not like.

The Only Con of this lip balm is that I could not find the full ingredient list anywhere.

Verdict: I would give the Nykaa Serial Kisser Lip Balm a 3.5/5 

It is a cute lip balm to add in your collection but not a must-have. Have you tried the nykaa serial kisser lip balms yet? How did you find them? Let me know in comments!! Until next time!! XOXO.