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Nykaa Argan oil Review- Uses and Benefits

January 23, 2019

Nykaa Naturals Pure Cold Pressed Facial Oil Review- Argan oil

The first time I hear of the argan oil, I remember my first thought was Man, its so expensive. A few years ago, there were not many options available in the Indian market if you wanted to purchase the Argan oil. This magical oil comes from Morocco hence it is called the Moroccan argan oil.

The original Moroccan argan oil is priced at Rs.3150 for a 100 ml bottle.Though it is worth it, not all people can spend that much money in one go.

Over the years, a lot of other Indian companies have come up with Argan oil but most of them were as expensive. When our very own Indian brand Nykaa came up with it’s range of cold pressed facial oils, I thought of giving this a try.

Price: It costs Rs.800 but I got it for around Rs.600 at the Nykaa Pink Friday sale. Currently on Discount at Rs.640.

Quantity: 30 ml(Very less quantity required so lasts a long time)

Texture: It is a colorless and odorless oil with a thin consistency. The argan oil is pretty lightweight hence suitable for oily skin types as well.

Argan oil benefits, Nykaa argan oil review
The Oil comes with a Dropper that you can use
The texture of the oil is runny

Packaging: The argan oil comes in a sleek packaging with a classy cardboard box.

 It contains the bottle with a plastic cap and a dropper provided separately.

How to use this oil?

Now this oil can be used in two ways: For skin and Hair

Trust me, it worked wonders for my hair in one night. I woke up to frizz free and soft hair. Over the time it has made my hair less brittle and added shine to my strands. I use it after shampooing on partially damp hair.


Just take a few drops in your fingertips and run across the middle and ends of your hair.  You need just 3 to 4 drops if you have longer hair. It worked wonders on my dry damaged hair Post coloring,


I have a very sensitive acne prone skin. Recently,after a bout of acne,  I was left with extremely dry patches on the cheek and jawline area. That is when I started reading about facial oils because all moisturisers contained some kind of chemical. I found out Argan oil has a comedogenic rating of zero- means it does not clog pores and has no chance of breaking your out.

I tried using it at night as a night cream. I applied it under my eyes too. Within a week of regular application, my skin got its moisture back and became supple.

If my skin did not get irritated by this, I am sure yours wouldn’t. My skin is probably the most sensitive kinds in the world 😀 Ok just kidding LOL :p


Can be used as a night moisturiser because it helps in hydrating the skin. It also has anti-aging properties because it rebuilds the collagen in the skin.

It can be used like an under eye cream. It helps preventing fine-lines under the eyes.

It can be used as a hair serum to bring back shine and add strength to your tresses.

So bottomline, this oil is totally worth its price and has beauty benefits associated with both hair and skin. You are getting all of this from a 100% natural and chemical free product, I say that’s a win-win!! I am going to continue buying this forever!!

Few more Product pictures because I really like how these came out with the sun setting in the background and all the greenery 🙂

Nykaa argan oil review, Benefits of argan oil, How to use argan oil, DIY moisturiser

Nykaa argan oil review, Moisturiser for sensitive skin India, Argan oil benefits

Let me know in comments if you used this oil 🙂 Until Next Time 🙂 🙂 🙂

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