How we started Planning our Wedding – The Prologue

September 28, 2018
wedding planning
the journey of our wedding planning

You know all we girls have an idea about how our wedding will be? Right? Now as I and my love were together with one another for 7 years, we both had an idea about how our wedding will be. We both had always wanted a winter wedding and as we progressed into the relationship, we also realized that both of us want a Morning wedding (which eventually turned into an evening one 😀 but that’s a totally different story altogether, will be writing about it later :p)

            So This is my first post in the wedding series- a sort of a description of how did it all begin. This post is for all those getting married soon and will give you an idea about How to start planning a wedding. Every time I watched a Classic English rom-com, I could not stop admiring the allure of getting married in the middle of nature, greenery & flowers. The colors look so better during the day, the lighting is so good and most of all we wanted to live every moment of our wedding. We did not want sleepy people viewing the ceremony and us being half asleep (As happens in most of the North Indian Weddings which happen at night and continue till wee hours of the morning)

But to incorporate a Hindu north Indian ceremony into the day was something I could not figure out. Then came some beautiful inspirations in form of Bollywood movies!! I just loved the song Suraj Ki Baahon Mein from the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and the wedding scene in the movie 2 states.

          But as they say, things never go as you want them to in life. The same thing happened to us. The wedding date fixed for us was in the month of July this year !! Yes, July which is the month of peak summers as well as the monsoon in India.  So We had 6 months to plan the wedding from January to the first week of in July.

Now we had the following ideas about how we wanted our wedding to be:


1)It had to be a day wedding

2)I wanted to wear a pastel lehenga.

3)The wedding had to be intimate with just close friends & family.

4)The weather should be beautiful and the venue should be naturally beautiful filled with flowers and greenery.


So keeping all these points in mind, we sat down together to make a checklist. A list of all the requirements to bring our dream wedding in shape. Gradually after a lot of brainstorming, we decided on having an intimate destination wedding in the hills as it was impossible to have a day wedding in Lucknow in the month of July.

Hence we had never actually thought to have a destination wedding, but the timeline and situation made us go for this option. At the time we made a list of the things we needed to do after deciding this:



Fixing a wedding budget

Decide a suitable hill station

Choose an appropriate venue

Decide on the number of functions

Start looking for our wedding outfits

Finding an event planner

Start looking for photographers/videographers

So here on this blog, I will be sharing with you all the step by step process of our wedding planning. Heres hoping that someone could get help from the experiences we picked up along the way. Under this, I will be covering where to shop mainly in Mumbai and Lucknow. Next post will be on the venue and outfits. Stay tuned!!!

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  1. Can’t wait to read further about ur wedding story. Hope to get some insipiration for mine Big Day or I can steal ur ideas 😉 All the very best for ur blog 👍

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