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Globus Haul ~ Jewellery,etc.

January 5, 2019

Hey Everyone!! First of all a very Happy New Year to all my readers!!Sorry for not being regular with the blog posts this past week!! I promise I will be posting regularly from the next week!! Globus has been one of my preferred store to shop for quality accessories for a long time. I just love their small hoop earrings and always have one of those in my collection for times when I have no earrings!! I also love their headbands. They sell soft cutesy headbands with bows and stuff that does not give me a headache.

I had not shopped for jewellery and accessories for a long time so when we visited the mall last weekend, I wanted to get a few pieces for myself. Wearing real jewellery feels good but it is not safe and I prefer to wear dainty imitation pieces instead.

Though I wanted to get a nice party clutch, I got these cutesy accessories instead. Also, it was a little late and I was too tired to visit any other store so just got these. There are major sales going on at globus stores right now and all accessories are at 40% off. If you buy 2 then you get 50% off on both.

This is what I got-

Crystal Statement Necklace
Globus Jewellery haul, statement neaclace

This Crystal necklace(though I did not get this with all other stuff, it was part of a gift I got earlier) But I included this piece because it was lying brand new and I spotted the same piece in the store at 50% off. It was priced at Rs.499.

Crystal Hair Accessory, Rapunzel hair
Blue & White Crystal Hair Clip
Feeling like a Princess, eh??

This Gorgeous Hair Clip caught my eyes and I just couldn’t let it go!! I have a thing for Sapphires and all the similar looking Blue crystal things!! It just screams royal and princess like. This beautiful Vintage hair clip is for Rs.299.

Pendant necklace jewellery
Tree branches pendant necklace

This dainty pendant chain necklace that I can wear with a t-shirt. It was for Rs.99.I have mentioned the original prices of these pieces. I got the appropriate discount according to the offer mentioned in starting of the post.

Dangler earrings jewellery
Silver Dangler earrings

These Silver dangler earrings can be worn both during the day as well as night. They costed Rs.99.

Rose gold earrings jewellery
Rose Gold Studs

These Rose Gold crystal studs look stunning in real!! The quality is so good that they look almost real. They can be worn at work or for going out!! I did not own anything in rose gold so got them immediately as I saw them. They were priced at Rs.299 (without applying any discount.)

Gold crystal Huggies

This is my favourite piece out of everything. I just love these kind of small hoop earrings that hug your earlobes!! They were different because the crystal is set in the baguette setting in these earrings. The original cost of this classic piece is Rs.299.

Sheer Stockings

These Black Sheer tights/stockings because I wanted one to wear under the dresses as the weather is getting chilly. They were very cheap for just Rs.199 but are good quality wise.

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Hope you have a shiny Weekend !! Until next time โ™กโ™กโ™ก

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