My first karwachauth

First Karwachauth: What I wore, How it was like and some survival tips

November 1, 2018

So It was Our first ever karwachauth after our wedding 🙂 we were both really excited and had been waiting for this day!! We have seen many couples during our college time fasting for one another but we never felt like doing so as this is something we wanted to share only after being married!! This article is all about how we spent our first karwachauth and what I wore.

As we stay here in Mumbai alone hence we had to do it alone. Although his family made a lot of efforts by sending Karwa(Thali, Kalash and Chalni) and a very beautiful chunni for me 🙂 The positive thing though was that it was the Second Saturday hence it was a holiday so we both could spend the day without straining ourselves. Yes, we are that couple who fast for each other!! So the karwachauth started a day earlier when I got henna applied on my hands. Now I am the kind of person who would not be even caught dead with henna ever that too willingly. I had got henna after several years finally on my mehendi day at my wedding. But this was different!! I willingly wanted to get mehendi for karwachauth. In fact, I chose from several designs. Now as this was an occasion where I could get subtle design too so I chose the Mandala design for my karwachauth mehendi.

Karwachauth mehendi, mehendi design, mandala design mehendi
Here is a picture clicked at 10 pm while coming back home

After that, we headed back home and had a wholesome dinner with tasty Indian food. The funniest part was to get up in the morning to eat Sargi. The boy insisted on getting up at 3:30 am!! yes!! you heard it right.  According to him, the next day will start at 4 am going by the Hindu calendar. I was sure we could not get up at the Ungodly hour but still, we put an alarm. Came 3:30 am, we both were unconscious in sleep and muttering to each other something something. I tell him that wait I am going in the kitchen to make Oats and he is like don’t get up I will go and make. Finally, nobody got up and we finally got at 5 am :p .

Here’s what we had for sargi:

1)Masala Oats with peas, tomato, onion and corn in it. Oats are rich in fibre so it keeps you filled for a longer time

2)On the boy’s insistence, we had banana smoothie which he made.

3) We had soaked almonds and other dry fruits like walnuts, pista and cashews.

4) For sweet we had Dates which are rich in iron.

5) Lastly, we had lots of water obviously.

The 0nly mistake we made was that we slept really late and had a late dinner. You must have dinner on time.Till the end of the meal we just could not eat anymore as one would never eat these things together on normal days. But we had them due to their nutritional value. Then we just slept like a bear in hibernation 😀

After getting up the next day we (no-binge) watched series all day. My head started to ache a lot during the day as I have a problem of migraine so eating and sleeping on time is essential for me. I could not have medicine too hence we just slept. We were asleep for 4 hours at the least. We finally got up at 5 pm and honestly, this is the best way to spend a day you are fasting. After getting up we prepared kheer(an Indian dessert kind of a rice pudding) together. I made Paneer bhurji. The maid had already made faraa(a dish essential to make on KC in our tradition).

Then at 7 pm, I started getting ready. However, I hardly had any energy to do so. I do not know how girls and women wear so much stuff and get ready after staying hungry the entire day. My head was literally spinning and the headache was starting to return at that point of time. The boy, however, was totally fine 😛 just felt a bit thirsty as he told me. So here is my Final look and a few pictures we clicked while waiting for the moon.


Karwachauth Outfit ideas Red kurta set
Full-Length picture of the Karwachauth Outfit

Luckily the window of our living room is east facing so we could do the moon sighting from the window itself. Hence we decided to do break the fast in our apartment itself.

Also, many new brides wear their wedding lehenga on their first karwachauth but I did not because first of all it was not with me here in Mumbai and secondly I had just worn it 3 months ago in July. Also, I wanted to wear something red because I did not wear the colour much during my wedding. My wedding was all things Pastel 🙂 Maybe I will wear it for my second KC.

Some more pictures:

Karwachauth outfit ideas red kurta set
Posing for the camera(ignore the hungry face :p)

The moonrise time in Mumbai was 8:30 pm though it came out later than that too. Finally, the moon was out and …

karwachauth rituals boy feeding water
Just Like DDLJ :p

As the boy also kept a fast for me so after me he also saw me through the seive and I fed him water.

karwachauth rituals
Now his turn 🙂

After breaking our fast we had dinner together and drank gallons of water. My first karwachauth was filled with love and togetherness. It was a beautiful day 🙂 How was yours?? Leave comments please 🙂

Some more close up pictures of my makeup & accessories-

Karwachauth Makeup
Karwachauth Makeup- Gold eyes + Muted red lips
Karwachauth Jewellery
Statement Earrings

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