September 17, 2018

About me

Hi, I am Ankita, the owner and face behind this blog. I love all things fashion, beauty & makeup. I am an Economics Major & a freelance content writer by profession.

Yes, I love fashion & makeup but I make it a point to get the look while staying within a budget.

As a Just Married & twenty-something girl, I have a lot to share with you guys which includes aspects of my life like how I planned my dream wedding to how I save while shopping to pretty outfit ideas.

Why I started this blog?

The question that I get asked often is where did you buy your outfit from? Well, many at times people cannot quite put a finger on this because I DIY a lot of stuff & find places to shop where I can get the best out of my budget.  I am not frugal but I do like to weigh if something is worth it before paying for it. That’s just me!!

So I had started reading beauty, makeup & fashion blogs since 2012. I had even started my own blog back in 2015 but then I joined my Post Grad course the same year. A lot of things kept me busy like my personal life and my studies. I was just not in the state of mind that I could write anything so in the hunger for writing I took up a full-time job as a content writer in a firm. But writing on your own blog is so much different!! It always seemed like something was missing from my life because I had the habit of swatching lipsticks, trying new products and buying trendy clothing at affordable prices but was unable to share all the information!! I love Makeup, Dressing up & writing…so all my passions combined lead to only one thing- Blogging!!

In the midst of all this, me and the boy(now my husband) wanted to get married as soon as possible. So Last year we got engaged finally after being with each other for 7 years and got married this year in July. A lot happened in a year and with a wedding to plan I hardly got time to blog. So now that I am here with the love of my life, settled in our new life together, I have relaunched my blog 🙂

Why Mint Blush Love?

Well, I have named my blog Mint Blush Love because I love the Color “Blush pink” and “Mint”(My bridal lehenga was blush pink) and my Love, My husband inspired me to start this blog, so “Love”.

What is Mint Blush Love all about?

You can find reviews and my thoughts on budget and mid-range make-up & skincare products, My shopping experiences both Casual and wedding shopping, Budget Travel itineraries according to our experiences, As I have now moved to Mumbai so places to hang out here as well as shop at. You will find lots of OOTD posts here. Also, I will be doing a wedding series which will include where I shopped at for my bridal outfits, trousseau, tips & tricks to save on wedding costs. How me and the boy planned our destination wedding together.

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